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Children's Stories

Jesus loved children and enjoyed teaching them. With His example, we have collected many of the Children's Stories told at Ventura SDA Church during the worship hour by our master story tellers. May you be blessed in their telling.

Download Name Play Size Length
download Fish Don't Need a Snorkle
Lynn and Shannon Kennedy

2.8 MB 6:00 min
download Wade, Bo, and Peep
Andy Tryer

2 MB 3:56 min
download The King is Coming
Lisa Andrade

1.7 MB 3:34 min
download Bob and Peter the Pig
Andy Tryer

2 MB 3:58 min
download Building Bridges
Gabby Meza

2.8 MB 5:38 min
download The Chocolate Chip Cookies
Whitney Stertz

2.7 MB 5:29 min
download Wlaters First Day of School
Bill Calkins

4.4 MB 8:28 min
download Bob and Jacque
Andy Tryer

2.4 MB 4:39 min
download Jacobs Ladder
Dr. Dick Drisko

5.4 MB 10:54 min
download Don't Put Beans Up Your Nose!
Doralee Bailey

2.3 MB 4:42 min
download The Bird That Came to Church
Gabby Meza

1.8 MB 3:44 min
download Bob Delegates
Andy Tryer

2.5 MB 4:55 min
download "Politeness"
Patricia Pence

5.8 MB 11:22 min
download Escaping and Preaching
Bill Calkins

5.7 MB 10:44 min
download The Patience of Bob
Andy Tryer

3.1 MB 6:08 min
download Walter And The Sparrowhawk
Bill Calkins

4.9 MB 8:17 min
download The Very Long Prayer Meeting
David McDuffie

2.4 MB 4:40 min
download Bob Speaks A New Language
Andy Tryer

2 MB 3:57 min
download Lucky Juan
Bill Calkins

2.9 MB 4:50 min
download Bob's Three Friends
Andy Tryer

2.5 MB 5:12 min
download Walter Stops a Cheat
Bill Calkins

5.9 MB 11:03 min
download The Fish That Did Not Touch the Floor
Bill Calkins

4.8 MB 9:28 min
download "Easter"
Dave Pennock

2.9 MB 5:20 min
download Palm Sunday
Dave Pennock

3 MB 5:47 min
download Bob Buys Burgers on the Sabbath
Andy Tryer

1.4 MB 3:10 min
download Feed My Sheep
Dr. Dick Drisko

2.2 MB 4:24 min
download Bob's New Friends
Andy Tryer

1.6 MB 3:15 min
download Madman in Church
Bill Calkins

2.1 MB 4:29 min
download Hometown Boy Returns
Lynn Kennedy

3.2 MB 6:34 min
download Battle In The Wilderness
Bill Calkins

4.6 MB 8:42 min
download The Baptism
JR Josiah

1.8 MB 4:07 min
download Child Jesus in the Temple
Susan Perez

1.7 MB 3:33 min
download Two Brother's Offerings
Andy Tryer

1.8 MB 4:04 min
download The Greatest Gift
Heidi Pennock

2.5 MB 5:15 min
download Always Bee Praying
Lisa Andrade

2.2 MB 5:15 min
download God Loves Us All
Bill Caulkins

7 MB 14:34 min
download To Forgive
Andy Tryer

3.3 MB 6:47 min
download Sun Catchers
Dave Pennock

2 MB 4:06 min
download Power of Prayer
Andy Tryer

2.2 MB 4:41 min
download Betsy and the Lighthouse
Mrs. Doralee Bailey-Wilson

2.5 MB 5:16 min
download Dave's Burnt Brownies
Dave Pennock

2.6 MB 5:17 min
download The Day Eutychus Fell Out of the Church
Bill Calkins

3.2 MB 6:38 min
download Watermelon Tails
Barb Dietrich

2.5 MB 4:56 min
download Kingdom of Bink
Bill Calkins

4.7 MB 8:26 min
download What Chris Ddn't Say
Jim McDuffie

3 MB 5:47 min
download The Mystery of the Missing Mollusks
Bill Calkins

6.5 MB 12:23 min
download The Little Chicken and Her Friends
Melinda Salazar

2.4 MB 4:50 min
download The Man With Two Sons
Andy Tryer

3.3 MB 6:20 min
download A Whale of a Thank You Tail
Heidi Pennock

2.5 MB 4:55 min
download The Swan
Ann Fugliese

1.7 MB 3:11 min
download Bill Porter, The Salesman
Neil Congello

4.8 MB 9:37 min
download Chocolate Milk?
Dave Pennock

4.1 MB 8:05 min
download Children's Story
Andy Tryer

1.7 MB 3:33 min
download What Walter Found (Children's Story)
Bill Calkins

5 MB 9:24 min
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