Sabbath (Saturday) Worship Times
– Sabbath School: 9:15 am - 10:30 am
– Worship: 10:50 am - 12:15 pm
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The Seventh Day Adventist Church promotes the daily study of the scriptures. To do so, a setof Bible study guidelines, known as the Sabbath School Lessons,are prepared every three months, so the study can be easy, consistent and continuous. You will find that, if you visit any Seventh Day AdventistChurchany place inthe world, the same Sabbath School Lessons are being studied as well.

The Sabbath School Lessons are easy to understand and divided into daily sections. They are prepared for different ages: adults, youth, teenagers and children, as young as birth, so everyone can understand the great teachings of the Bible.

Print and Study your own Lesson:

You can study and/or print your own Sabbath School Lesson(s) for any ages. Just click on the lesson below.

Beginner Beginner
Listen the SS Lesson
My Little Friend
Kindergarten Kindergarten
Listen the SS Lesson
My Little Friend
Primary Primary
Listen the SS Lesson
My Little Friend
Power Point Power Point
Real time Real Time
Conerstone Cornerstone
Collegiate Collegiate

Adult regular Edition

Easy reading Edition

Teachers Edition

Edición en Español

Clase de Escuela Sabática en español todos los sábados a las 10:45am en el aula #1 -Los esperamos-

Spanish Sabbath School lesson study every Sabbath at 10:45am in classroom #1 -See you there-